A18 Performance Comparison for iPhone 16

The A18 processor, which will be used in the iPhone 16 series that Apple will unveil this fall, is expected to use a more powerful machine learning processor for AI features in line with recent trends.

In addition, the A18 produced by TSMC’s 3nm N3P process features two 3890Mhz performance cores, four efficiency cores, and a six-core GPU, with a 5% faster GPU than the A17 of its predecessor, the iPhone 15 series, and a 10% lower power consumption despite a 30% faster GPU performance.

In addition, A18 was measured as single 2571/multi 7359 based on GeekBench 5 and single 2822/multi 8571 points/multi 8571 based on GeekBench 6, and on-device AI processing is also optimized for its own language model for machine learning called Ajax for iOS18, which is expected to have significant advantages in AI processing tasks compared to A17.